Toba Centre for Children & Youth Launch Capital Campaign

April 19, 2022 | Community, Featured, News

Today, the Toba Centre for Children and Youth launched their capital campaign to support the development of their new location to provide a better response to child abuse in Manitoba. The Toba Centre coordinates law enforcement, child protection, mental health, medicine and victim advocacy to better support the victims and families impacted by child abuse.

The goal of the of the Toba Centre’s We Will Campaign is to raise $15M to build Manitoba’s first child advocacy centre. The Province of Manitoba announced a $2 million contribution to the campaign and Mayor Brian Bowman announced $100,000 from the Mayor’s Office.

According to Toba Centre executive director, Christy Dzikowicz, this project is more than a building. It’s about building a community around those impacted by child abuse.  

Toba Centre exists to fill the gap in Manitoba’s current system for abused children. Providing wrap-around services for safety, justice, and healing, they’re bringing hope to children who are hurting when it’s needed the most.

Along with the design team at Number Ten Architectural Group, we’re humbled to be a part of bringing this very important centre to life. Watch the video to learn more about the Toba Centre and the capital project.


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