Sherbrook Pool Refurbishment

Sherbrook Pool Refurbishment

381 Sherbrook Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Contract value:
Square Footage
12,800 Sq. Ft.
KGS Group

The Sherbrook Pool has been a Winnipeg staple since its erection during the Great Depression in 1930. In 2014, Bockstael Construction Ltd was commissioned to refurbish the pool after multiple structural issues were discovered. The concrete columns supporting the pool structure were near the point of collapsing due to years of exposure to the pool water which degraded the structural integrity.

Multiple unforeseen site conditions were uncovered and addressed throughout the renovation of the 86-year-old pool. These changes resulted in a 27% increase to the original contract price with only a 20% extension to the schedule. Despite the sizable increase to the scope of work, schedule was identified as the primary concern to the client as the pool is host to several programs and events ran by the community. In order to meet the contractual substantial completion date, Bockstael employed LEAN Construction methodology in conjunction with a collaborative, fully integrated project team approach. An open line of communication was maintained between Bockstael, the City of Winnipeg, and the consultant team by way of biweekly project meetings and consistent project updates. This allowed for quick resolution of project issues to avoid any significant schedule delays.

LEAN Construction practices that were implemented throughout the project included:
- Multiple pull plan sessions both by trade and by work area.
- Weekly work planning which included Planned Percent Complete (PPC) tracking.
- Daily trade huddles facilitated by Bockstael Construction’s site superintendent.

The master project schedule was integrated with the Planned Percent Complete information and updated weekly. This allowed the team to proactively identify where work was falling behind. Any constraints delaying a trade’s scope of work were discussed in the weekly work plan meetings, allowing Bockstael Construction to address each constraint in a timely manner.

Due to the confined space and extensive renovations occurring throughout the building, the master schedule was divided into six work areas: men’s change room, women’s change room, pool area, front reception, accessible washrooms, and mezzanine. This allowed the team to effectively coordinate the sequence of work taking place in each area. All significant and/or critical change items were integrated into the schedule so that the impact of the change could be identified before it becoming critical. Additionally, calendar views of the master schedule were printed, laminated, and posted in each area of the pool displaying the workflow that was to take place each week. This provided a visual for the trades so all parties were aware of what work was to take place as agreed to in the pull plan sessions.
By utilizing LEAN Construction principles and executing the project with a proactive, team-based approach, Bockstael was successfully able to meet all contractual obligations and bring the project in on schedule and on budget (excluding the contract additions).

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